Shop & Shipping Info

Thanks for supporting Elder!

This shop is run by the band itself and we try to keep it as professional as possible. However, sometimes we're on tour, rehearsing or playing croquet and can't keep it stocked as well as we'd like or keep shipping as quickly as we maybe should. Luckily, our fans are cool and don't bust our balls about it too much. 

Here's some general helpful info:

All products ship from Germany. If you're ordering from outside the EU, expect a delivery time of anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Tracking is included.

Please check the sizing of a shirt before you order. Generally, our shirts run a size smaller than US sizes but vary from brand to brand.

We can return anything you order but can't cover return shipping. We don't have the same shipping account with the post office that large companies do, and would just lose tons of money. Sorry.

Anything you buy helps us finance going on tour, recordings, and more sweet swag for this store, so thanks again for helping us keep the ship afloat. We love you!